At Capital Consulting Group, we draw from our collective and extensive range of education, training, and experience to offer you comprehensive business advice and tax representation. Not only do we have experts with a wealth of information and experience that combines the diverse and specific attributes of CPAs, lawyers, accountants, enrolled agents, and business owners, but we also have the common sense approach of seeing the big picture and looking out for your interests. Our three divisions, Capital Consulting Group, Tax Settlement Center and ExpressTax, all have the same goal: making your life easier by relieving you of heavy tax burdens, maximizing your profits, minimizing your liability exposure, and maintaining your tax compliance. Honesty. Trust. Integrity. To us, those aren't just words, it's who we are. We are here to help you. It's what we do.

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100% confidential. 0% obligation. A free, no-cost consultation may save you thousands of dollars. But more importantly, it may save you peace of mind, and that is priceless.

Capital Consulting Group

Capital Consulting Group offers business consulting, tax return preparation, tax planning, accounting services, audit defense, and support with legal issues and not-for-profit entities. Our team focuses on making clients' businesses operate smoothly with less paperwork, less regulation and less liability exposure. By offering expert and quality professional services, our clients can go about their business with confidence.

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Tax Settlement Center

Tax Settlement Center is our tax resolution company for clients who owe back federal or state taxes. For qualifying clients, our services include settling taxes for less that what's owed, negotiating installment agreements for reasonable monthly payments, filing delinquent returns and lowering the amount of taxes owed, assisting with filing bankruptcy to achieve debt resolution, or simply having the IRS place the collection account in "uncollectible" status.

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Express Tax

ExpressTax concentrates on quick filing of individual tax returns and maximizing refunds on the less complicated tax returns. By offering electronic filing and quality assurance, refunds are often received in a matter of days. We offer a free review of prior years' returns. By using our tax Power of Attorney, you don't ever have to meet with the IRS again. Call us for identity theft issues, IRS Master Account review, payroll and sales tax help.

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We're Local

We are locally owned and operated with a network of experienced CPA's, lawyers, accountants, enrolled agents and business owners. We are locally minded with an international reach, serving clients across the globe.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No company can guarantee results, but Capital Consulting Group pledges to work with you using 100% of our expertise and 30-plus years experience to achieve the best possible resolution.

$0 Down to Start

We have payment plans available, and we can get started on your case with no money down. We also offer free return review. With a free, no-obligation consultation awaiting, what do you have to lose?

Confidential and Safe

We take your privacy and security very seriously. Your information will never be sold or shared with third parties, as we adhere to the highest ethical standards.